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Inside Forward is an extension of our love for the beautiful game. 

When I say "our", that refers to us two brothers, Kieran and Roshan. We have spent thousands of hours talking about football with each other, with friends, family or even just a stranger down the pub. We watch as many matches as we can, trying to fit the time in, around family and work and I'd say we do a good job. I'm sure our partners would disagree.


We are both mad Liverpool supporters and before the Coronavirus plagued the world, we would often be rushing to a pub, a mate's house, or up to Anfield (not nearly enough) to watch the red men play. Football is something that keeps us close to our friends, whatever club they support. It's always nice to catch up with them, have a few beers and share our views on transfer speculation, predictions and of course rub it in when the other loses. Our youngest brother Akshay is also a Red and is working abroad at the moment so it's always great to catch up before and after a match. He will hopefully be giving us a hand on the site too as he is a bit younger and more tech savvy.


Fantasy Football has been another bit of fun over the years, easy for all to keep in contact via a WhatsApp group and have something competitive we can have a laugh over. We have a league with friends and family from around the world which is also nice.


During Covid times, we are spending a lot more time at home, so we have created this site to share our opinions, points of view and try to provide some deeper thoughts on football. With the extra time on our hands we are able to do a bit more research and provide some information to the general football fan that may be handy when looking at the weekend Premier League fixtures before changing their Fantasy Team, placing a bet or just to see what's on. We want people to come to the site and also share their opinions, point out where we might be overlooking something and generally interact like we used to be able to do before social distancing and lockdowns were the norm.


This is just the start of our vision for Inside Forward, we want to deliver quality and in depth analysis, podcasts, videos, and also some special guest interviews. We are a work in progress so all support is appreciated. 


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